Working with Pride

Our expert team is committed to excellence, both in our service, and our cooperation with one another. It's this team spirit that keeps us going strong, delighting our clients and colleagues alike.

Inspired Since the Beginning

We've never shied away from challenging architecture. If you’re comfortable with heights, those are the jobs you look forward to…the ones with deep overhangs and difficult angles.

Reaching Higher, Always

At PSWM, you'll rise to heights you never imagined. Not only will you spend your days conquering skyscrapers, you’ll also discover your true abilities and ambitions.

More Than a Job

The energy, the adventure, the satisfaction. It's more than work; it's a way of life. At PSWM, we simply love what we do.

Raising the Bar

We don't avoid challenges - we look to conquer them. Our dedication to constant improvement and an ever-bettering standard is what keeps us at the top of our game.

Who We Are

Since being founded by the Yokers family in 1980, PSWM has grown to be one of the most trusted high-rise window cleaning companies in the region. Our client base has grown almost entirely by word of mouth, all thanks to our hard-earned reputation.

A mastery of skills and commitment to responsibility is instilled in every member of our team. We continue to expand our crew, welcoming bright minds with energy and passion.