June 18th, 2017
Mark Yokers
Puget Sound Window Maintenance

Dear Mr. Yokers,

I am writing to commend three of your employees for the excellent job that they did last week on our windows. We live on the 9th floor of a 16 story building on First Hill so washing our windows is not an easy job. In addition, our condo unit has large windows in every room including floor to ceiling windows in the living room and on the balcony. Because we have a view, the windows are a focal point in our home so it matters a lot to me that they look clean.

Our building has used Puget Sound Window Maintenance for quite a while and we have always been satisfied with the work of your company but the crew that you sent this time was just outstanding! When the young man came to do the inside windows, he told me his name was Jared and that Nick and Justin were doing the outside windows. Obviously, they have had good training but they also demonstrated a work ethic that you can be proud of. I trust you will let them know how much they are appreciated.

Best regards,

Marianne LeSueur
Kelleher House

What a great young fellow you sent out here to work; he was sharp, worked hard, cared and was nicely articulate!

– Best, Leslie, Resident

High compliments from [our resident] to your team. Thank you for building that relationship.

– Colin, Community Association & Project Manager

I will be the first to say no apologies necessary, you and your guys have done a fabulous job, I have had a ton of positive comments about the work that was done. Missing a few windows here and there is part of the gig, but I have confidence in you and your crew to make it right. Thanks for the continued great service for the past 4 years!

– Matt, Facility Manager

Thanks for the work — your guys were very polite, clean. They even complimented me on my barista skills…

– David, Resident

You, and your guys are simply great ! I’m very glad that we have you. And yes, I knew the gutters were bent long ago, and I cut some simple blocks of wood to spread the load a bit. They got used a coupla’ times…but: your solution is elegant in its pure function, and simplicity. I.D.E.A.L ! Too: thanks so much for twisting in the provided incandescents to the front light fixtures. We know that those fixtures are beat, and that we can’t expect the bulbs to last in them. -improvements coming there too. Thanks again, and ALWAYS a pleasure to work with such a comprehensive professional. PS: please don’t feel obligated to respond here, just know that I notice what a great job you do, and the details that set you apart !-thanks.

– Bryan, Building Engineer

They are seriously 1000 times better than old firm. Please pass on compliment and thank them for working around plants on our deck.

– Building Owner

I meant to send you a message last week to compliment the guys on their work. Not only do the residents seem to be happy with the service, as a building manager I’m extremely impressed with the care and concern shown towards the new roof and its components.

Not a dent or scratch to be found up there – I appreciate that

Ryan, Facilities Manager

Your crew did an incredible job yesterday.  Their work was outstanding and they were great to be around and to interact with. The residents who were home appreciated their work, as I did.   Thank you!

– Sharon, Property Manager

Mark and Staff – thanks again – I really appreciate your prof handling – I certainly will refer you – I am a property manager (asset manager) and manage many multifamily / office buildings – I am delighted to see your business acumen.

– Ingrid, Property Manager/Asset Manager

Your men did a great job on our windows at [our high-rise condominium]! They were very efficient!

– Anna, tenant

Why have we been hanging precariously from our Costco 2-step ladder trying to reach the tops of the windows the past 5 years??? The window guys were amazing – focused, spotless, efficient. Our windows inside and out have never looked so good, with no effort on our part. I couldn’t believe the gentlemen didn’t leave water drips on the inside ledges or the floor.

– Mary Ann and Jim, Residents

I just wanted to thank you for the nice work that your crew did cleaning our windows here. I have heard nothing but compliments from the residents.

– Rich, Superintendent

And you are open to looking at other buildings as well, right? I have a ton of properties that are in need of window washing…would love to use your services at other locations.

– Irma, Community Association Manager

I had mentioned to you about the window crew doing our windows when we are closed but at the speed they were done there sure was minimal disruption…these guys are pros..Come back.!

– Commercial Tenant

Your crew did a nice job, the tenants are really pleased.

– Andrew, Assistant Chief Building Engineer

The men did a FABULOUS job on the windows and panels today—thanks so much!

– Braiden, Resident

No problem!! They actually showed up about 5 minutes after I wrote and they were fantastic! Both guys were super efficient and friendly and they got it done so quickly! Thank you so much!!!

– Audra, Resident

By the way, your guys are getting a lot of compliments on their work from residents and Board members in pressure washing the building.

– Sharon, Property Manager